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A Week in AI: Discoveries, and Developments

In the ever-evolving world of technology, this week has been particularly eventful. From new discoveries and significant developments in AI, there's a lot to unpack.

AI Safety Commitments

In a significant development, the Biden Harris administration secured voluntary commitments from leading AI companies to manage the risks posed by AI. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have pledged to practice safe AI and ensure product safety before introducing them to the public.

Formation of the Frontier Model Forum

Several companies, including Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI, have announced the formation of the Frontier Model Forum. This industry body aims to ensure the safe and responsible development of Frontier AI models. Its core objectives include advancing AI safety research, promoting responsible development of Frontier models, minimizing risks, enabling independent standardized evaluations of capabilities and safety, identifying best practices, and collaborating with policymakers, academics, civil society, and other companies to share knowledge about trust and safety risks.

OpenAI's "Free Willy"

OpenAI recently released a model called "Free Willy" which performs almost as well as ChatGPT in various benchmarks. In an Arc test, Chat GPT outscored Free Willy, while in a Hella Swag test, Free Willy outscored Chat GPT3. This new model can be tried out on a platform called Spaces.

AI and Emotions

Jeffrey Hinton, a prominent AI researcher, claimed that AI systems may have or eventually develop emotions. Hinton expressed concerns about the misuse of AI for fake news and autonomous weapons, highlighting the ethical considerations that come with AI advancements.

AI Video Tools

The use of AI video tools has seen a surge, specifically the new image-to-video option in Runway ML's Gen 2. This tool allows users to use image prompts to generate videos. The AI-generated videos can be longer by using the last frame of each four-second video as the starting image for the next video. This technology could potentially be integrated into workflows in the future.

AI and Content Creation

For content creators interested in leveraging AI for their businesses or careers, the latest technology can create impressive things and do it faster than before. A partnership with HubSpot has led to the promotion of their latest free ebook, which focuses on using generative AI to scale content operations. The ebook provides tools and prompts to generate ideas, research content, overcome writer's block, create visuals, and market content.

Worldcoin: A Digital Identity System

The announcement of Worldcoin, a digital identity system designed to differentiate between humans and non-humans, has garnered attention. The digital currency called the WLD Coin is given to individuals as a way to prove their humanity. To receive the coins, individuals must visit an orb or a biometric verification device to verify their humanity. Once verified, they receive a World ID, which proves their uniqueness online while maintaining privacy.

AI Capabilities on Spotify

Potential AI capabilities on Spotify, including the use of AI-generated voices in advertising, have been hinted at. Spotify's CEO, Daniel Eck, has filed for a patent for an AI-powered text-to-speech synthesis system.

AI in News Publishing

A coalition of news publishers is forming to sue AI companies that use their data to train models without consent. These news corporations claim that large language models or generative AI are designed to steal the best of the internet.

In conclusion, the world of AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new developments and discoveries shaping the future of technology. As we continue to explore and understand the potential of AI, it's crucial to ensure that these advancements are used responsibly and ethically.

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